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Things To Consider When Starting To Plan Your Wedding Ceremony Your wedding will be wonderful!


First thing you should know is weddings go faster than you think. A lot faster! If your wedding is intended to result in a legal marriage, all the state requires is a valid marriage license, an exchange of vows and a legally authorized individual to witness this and attest that you indeed married.


Not very romantic, is it? This means everything beyond legal requirements is an opportunity for you to express yourselves and what your marriage means to you.


A capable wedding officiant should be able to easily guide you through ceremony planning and be able to offer suggestions and alternatives based on your expectations. Such consultation between the couple and the officiant will result in a unique, memorable and eloquent expression of your loving relationship.


The following questions may help you begin to visualize a service to engage you and your guests.


  • What type of ceremony do you want?  – secular, spiritual or religious

  • What should the tone of the service be? – funny, light-hearted, more solemn

  • Are there any family traditions that should be included in the ceremony?

  • Are there any cultural traditions or influences that should be included in the wedding ceremony?

  • What role will music have in the service?

  • Will you write your own vows or choose from a selection of  vows?

  • For a comprehensive ceremony questionnaire which will get you started on your wedding planning click on the pdf below.

Wedding Questionnaire

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