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 There are common events which people choose to celebrate or memorialize or, as we like to say at ThymeMark, mark in time. Some of these events may be weddings, baby namings, or sadly but all too important end of life memorials with which we celebrate the life of a loved one.  Thymemark provides a total life cycle celebrant. Then there may be events which are unique to you in which you would like a minister to to help you celebrate. What are those?  I don't know. Those are your special events and you tell me! Thyme Mark will celebrate with you however YOU choose. 


ThymeMark will help you plan your wedding ceremony and help you bring it to life  the way YOU want it.  No matter how elaborate or how low key you wish your special day to be celebrated we can help you - indoors, outdoors, your home, special locations - you decide and ThymeMark will minister to you, friends and family.

Baby Welcoming

and Naming

Brining a new life into your family and community is a time of celebration. ThymeMark can help you celebrate this new life. Perhaps you would like to plan a dedication of welcoming and a promise to guide your child in years to come.


End of Life
Unique Event

When our loved one's life comes to an end it is comforting for friends and family to celebrate the life of that special person. Celebrating the life of another helps to continue a relationship in memory which was cultivated in life.  For some a religious ceremony may not feel right and bring little comfort. A Humanist celebration through ThymeMark will help you celebrate the life of your loved one in a personal manner which will bring out the love, care, and concern you have for your loved one and the same that your loved one had for you. 

We celebrate many events in our lives - weddings, babies, graduations, special awards, end of life. There may be a special event in your life that is unique to you. Or you may experience an ocassion in a special way in which you would like to share that special ocassion withy family and friends.  Perhaps you would like a minister at your event to help you mark that event as special. ThymeMark would love to be part of your celebration. 


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