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Funny Wedding Stories


Whether "funny" wedding stories are funny may be a matter of perspective. Often they are very stressful and not so funny when they occur but may become funny when we look back on them. Actually many of these "crises" turn into memorable moments that really can make for a special day-when you think about them a few months or years later of perhaps during the moment they are already sources of at least big grins and a chuckle otr two. Not allowing these moments to become crises is a trait of a competent wedding officiant.


Where art the Rings?

 Everything was going great. Everybody was on time and everyone was in place. I was in front of the wedding audience and in place ready to receive the wedding party. I noticed somewhat frenzied activity near the entrance to the aisle. In a few seconds one of the wedding party comes forward and says "We forgot the rings."


What could we do? You can get married without the rings but what fun is that to skip a very meaningful; part of the ceremony?


So one of the wedding party went and got them. It took about 20 minutes before  he was back and we were ready to proceed.  It is usally a standing joke that the best man pretends not to have the rings. This time it was no joke.


I just announced that we would be starting in about 15 minutes as the best man had to run an errand.......for the rings.  Actually the audience chuckled and visited for 15 minutes and we proceeded with the wedding when the rings arrived. We handled it well. Nobody really panicked after they saw that I did not panic. The officiant can and should keep the mood light and be smooth. There is enough stress already that really is not necessary but many times inevitable when we want the best for our guests.


Your Stories

Perhaps you have some good stories to share. If you would like me to publish them here just send them to me at my email:





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