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The Evolution that Became ThymeMark Celebrations

I haven’t been here at ThymeMark Celebrations very long. In fact I just started in June. I am very excited about starting ThymeMark. I have been thinking about this for a little while. From 2001 to 2009 I was a deacon in the Catholic Church. Many Catholic priests I knew did not really care to officiate at weddings. So as a deacon I could officiate at weddings so I got my fair share to celebrate with some wonderful people.

In 2009 I discerned I was no longer a Christian and stopped my affiliation with the Catholic Church Since then I witnessed my daughter officiate at my other daughter’s wedding getting her credentials through Universal Life Church. She did a wonderful job as I knew she would.

My daughter’s wedding piqued my interest in celebrating marriages. However, I did not then do anything about it. Then a few months ago the celebrant daughter and her fiancé asked me if I would officiate at their wedding. This was the push I needed and an honor that I could not refuse.

However, I did not want to go the Universal Life Church route. Don’t get me wrong, I know that Universal Life Church has its place and it is wonderful for those who may not have lots of experience as a celebrant or who usually only celebrate a wedding here and there.

I wanted to be “ordained” by an organization that required more of their celebrants than to just sign up on the internet. I checked with the American Humanist Association who does outstanding work in the humanist community. However, I have been the wedding officiant for over thirty weddings and I was looking for an organization which would recognize my previous experiences as, not only a wedding officiant but also as a life-cycle minister.

Perusing the web one day I came across The Society of Celebrations. Their web site said that one could apply free of charge be screened by their organization. According to their site “It is free to apply as a Society of Celebrations certified Celebrant, but not everybody is accepted.

We have a team of reviewers who oversee every application for experience and talent and we always take up references. Where we feel it is needed we will call by telephone to discuss your application."

The Society of Celebrations also offers training for those who need further training to meet their criteria for “ordination”.

After a short period of time I received a phone call from Han Hills who besides being a founding member of The Society of Celebrations is a life cycle minister with years of experiences as a humanist minister. Han welcomed me to The Society of Celebrations as the Board of Directors approved me for ordination.

I am excited to being back as a life-cycle minister. I hope that one day I can be of service to you.

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