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It makes "sense" to celebrate

While ThymeMark Celebrations concentrates most on Wedding Celebrations we are actually more than that. We are a service providing life cycle ceremonies. Besides weddings we also provide celebrations for baby welcoming, end of life ceremonies such as funerals or memorial services. We will celebrate with you anything which you wish to celebrate.

Today I was reading a book, The Culture of Make Believe by Derrick Jensen. The author and a friend were visiting the Yantoket Historical; District, California which is a site commemorating the Yontoket Massacre of Tolowa people by white settlers in 1853. The dead were thrown into a slough and the village burned, after which it was known as Burnt Ranch (Wikipedia).

The author was walking to the memorial site with his friend John Osborn. Mr. Osborne said, “We need memorial services. Ceremonies. Here. A walk from here to Crescent City. Every year. Again and again. Until we cannot forget. Until we do not forget. You remember that Santayana quote don’t you, about how people who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat? Well, people could start learning the real history of their own backyards. They could remember the massacres that took place in their own countries. They could begin talking about them. All starting right at home.”

Times like the above deserve to be marked, to be remembered to be etched in our minds and remembered in our minds and in our bodies as when our eyes see the places where and the people with whom we celebrated we recall why we marked these times. When our ears here the sounds again of the music played at the celebration we remember. When our hands feel the touch of those with whom we celebrated we remember. When we smell the incense or the aromas we smelled during the ceremony we remember. And before our senses are dulled by the rigors of everyday life we celebrate again and renew the memory of those senses lest we forget."

I would and will be honored to celebrate with you.

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