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Unity Ceremony Ideas

Rose Ceremony

There are variations of the Rose Ceremony. The bride and groom may give roses to each of their mothers during the ceremony.

The bride and groom may want to give roses to one another as a symbol of their first gifts to one another.




Tree Planting Ceremony

The Tree Planting Ceremony can strengthen the meaning of your unity on several levels. Each family can add  dirt to the planting to symbolize the coming together of both families.


Of course the bride and groom add dirt to symbolize their unity.


The tree also symbolizes strength, longevity and growth in the your marriage. You can take the tree home and plant it in your yard and it can be a constant rteminde rof your great day and foster those great moments of your wonderful day as you relive those moments either in the silence of your heart or through wedding stories to your childen and new acquaintances which the tree may elicit.


The Tree Planting Ceremony is often done at beach weddings but it is appropriate for weddings in the Midwest as well.


A resource fo the Tree Planting Ceremony can be found at For This Joyous Occasion Officiating Services and Seaside Ceremonies.


These are only a couple ideas . I am sure there are many more. If you have some ideas I would love hearing them. Please contact me at my email address: and share your ideas.







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